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Cultural Profile

Guru Parampara and Shiksha:


The veena is as important to Smt. Mangalam Muthuswamy as the very air we breathe. Trained in the gurukula tradition from a tender age, she is the prime discipline of the thanam expert ‘VEENA’ Visalakshi- a direct disciple of Shatkala Chakravarthi Venkatrama Das of Vijayanagaram and Smt. Dhanammal.


Association with Radio and TV Network:


When she was only 11, Mangalam gave her first performance on All India Radio in 1948. for over two decades she has been an ‘A’ grade artiste and has participated in special programs such as Radio Sangeet Sammelan in 1994, The Thyagaraja Anjali and The Rvivsria Akhil Bharatiya Sangeet Sabha (live) in 1999.


Mangalam’s concerts have been telecast during Gandhiji and Jawaharlal Nehru’s anniversary’s celebrations. She has provided the musical score for the TV documentary ABODE OF GOD. Mangalam’s veena recitals have been telecast in the National Air in 1995 and 1996.


Special Achievements:



*      This accomplished vainika has the rare distinction of playing the National Anthem in the august presence of the President of India, Sri R. Venkataraman.

*      Mangalam has participated in a number of lecture demonstrations presented by the noted musicologist Dr. V.V. Srivatsa along with veterans like Smt. D.K. Pattamal and Shri D.K. Jayaraman.

*      Mangalam’s expertise won her the coveted ‘SUMANI’ award of the Sur Sringar Academy and a place in the reference panel of artistes of the Indian Council of Cultural Relations (ICCR) in 1980.

*      Her profound knowledge of music has found expression in the article ‘ Angel Strings- on the Veena’, published first in Delhi Lime Time in the year August 12th 1990 and then in The Times of India and SHANMUKHA on 9th September 1990.

*      Symphony classics have released an audio cassette of Mangalam’s veena entitled Surabhi in 1993 which has been popular amongst music lovers in India and the overseas.

*      Padam, a well-known cultural organization, felicitated Mrs. Mangalam Muthuswamy on lifetime career dedicated to the cause of carnatic classical music in the year 1998.




Mangalam has performed a number of concerts in India and overseas. Some of the recent ones are:


Concerts Overseas


Karnatic Music Circle

Melbourne- Australia

Feb 15, 1997

Sydney Music Circle

Sydney- Australia

May 29, 1997

Preston Arts and Entertainment

Melbourne- Australia

April 12, 1997

Frankston Cultural Centre

Melbourne- Australia

April 13, 1997

Dr. Chandrabanu’s Dance Recital

Melbourne- Australia

May 03, 1997

Alexander Theater Monash University

Victoria- Australia

May 03, 1997

Australia India Society ‘Mehfil Night’


May 10, 1997

Singapoer Indian Fine Arts Society


May 11, 1997

Chamber Music


May 11, 1997



May 24, 2003


She has also given a number of concerts in Muscat, Dubai, etc.


Concerts in India


Maharajpuram Viswanatha Iyer’s Trust



National Centre for Performing Arts


Oct 14, 1994

Narada Gana Sabha



S.I.E.S. High School Hall


Feb 7, 1998

Swara Saphna Samiti Concert (33rd Annual Sangeet Sammelan at Birla Kreeda Kendra)


March 7, 1998

Swara Sadha Samiti Concert for Mumbai Marathi Sahitya Snagha


May 24, 1998

44th Swamy Haridasa Sangeet Sammelan


Jan 5, 1999

Godrej Academy Theatre


Nov 21, 1994



May 9, 2004

Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR)


July 25, 2004



April 16, 2005


Teaching Experience:


*     Mangalam has a vast teaching experience. She has devised her own style of teaching and has excelled in producing students, who have won awards in music competitions and have presented programs on TV during Bharatiyar day and Gandhi Jayanthi celebrations.

*     Mangalam has taught in the Music College of Bharathiya Music and Fine Arts Society between 1978-1986.

*     Currently she teaches at Shanmukhananda Sangeet Vidyalaya, Mumbai since 1986.

*     She is a recognized Examiner at the University of Mumbai.

*     She has been serving as a panel member to judge a number of music competitions.


Mangalam’s passionate involvement with the Veena, its purity, depth and the dexterity displayed by her in the ‘Gayika’ Style has won her acclaim from connoisseurs and lovers of carnatic music. She has received accolades from stalwarts such as Sri T.L. Venkatramana Iyer (ex-chairman of Sangeet Natak Academy), Smt. D.K. Pattammal, Sri Maharajpuram Santhanam, Sri E. Mani Sankara Sastry, Sri S. Balachander and Dr. V.V. Srivatsa.


Mangalam also plays the Sitar, tutored by Pandit Sri Kartik  Kumar, a prime disciple of Pandit Ravi Shankar.






A Melodious Veena Maestro